I like “Pictorialism” and “night shooting” best. For the first one, it’s because more editing can be done to make the photos more interesting. I like taking photos at night because I like the time-lapse effect, which makes the photos cool and mysterious. I think the less good picture is one of my fire-themed diptych. I now find that it is not the red picture that can be related, but to find more relationships.


Big Mac Photo

I did this project on April 29th and 30th. After eating the burger, I put my friend’s phone in flashlight mode and stuck it in the box. I find this method very convenient, especially when it is inconvenient to carry professional lighting tools.


Photos are taken on April 16. The first one shows my inner world by shooting and compositing in the same place. The second one is my feeling of perfume, a little orange smell and a little manly.

Photo Booth–Finding beautiful stranger

On April 7, I took my photo booth at discovery lake. I used a black umbrella as the background to unify the photos. It was the first time for me to muster up the courage to speak to strangers, and I tried to keep the tension down and pretend I was a mature photographer activist. I received some rejections, but more kindness. They are as warm and kind as the California’s sunshine. Smiling good-natured faces eased my tension and made me enjoy the process more. Thanks to these people to cooperate me. I hope they can have a beautiful life.

MOPA 2: Talking With A Friend: Portraits by Bern Schwartz

Bern Schwartz is a retired banker. After he retired, he decided to do what he really loved – photography. His work focuses on portraits of friends he has known over the years. Because of the special feelings with these friends, so his picture is also special temperature. I really like his use of color and light. Its color slants warm present mostly for yellow or red. This makes his work feel as warm and intimate as sunshine.

I’ve found that using colors in the same hue conveys certain emotions. These are some of the photos I took during my spring break trip to San Francisco, and inspired by Bern, I took some of the same color photos. Unlike him, I chose cool colors. I found that cool colors, like blue and green, make the picture seem mysterious and futuristic. Warm colors will make the picture look retro and intimate.
In addition, I also attach great importance to his construction of picture structure. The structure is very simple and clean, with a sense of line. So I also tried to shoot some clean and simple pictures in my pictures.

MOPA 1: Defining Place/Space: Contemporary Photography

On the afternoon of April 5, we got off the plane from our trip to San Francisco and hurried to the museum of photographic art. Due to my personal preference for colorful photos, I chose some works that impressed me most in the first part of Australia. The first two tell the history of Australia, one is about women and families, the other is about war. These two works are infinitely close to art works, both in composition and color matching as well as in environment. The following three are my favorites. The girls wear dresses similar to the background wall design and color, and hold garlands similar to the background wall design and color, all of which are very harmonious and pleasing to the eye, and make people feel the vitality and beauty of the girls.

April 8, Influenced by the girl in the flower, I took pictures with dolls with the same theme. I try to adjust the color of the photo so that the doll blends in with the background color. In addition, my biggest impression of other pictures is that they are historical and psychedelic. So I took photos of the old ornaments and adjusted the color to make them bluish, showing the old ornaments. Posing coke bottles and shooting them in a dark environment can be both retro and psychedelic.